All 30 Lakhs units of Redmi 12 were sold across india

MI sale in india: The shine of MI, which used to be at the top among smartphones, has faded for some time. But now the company is slowly making a comeback in the market. Recently the company has said that a total of 30 lakh units of Redmi 12 5g and Redmi 12 4g have been sold. The company has sold all these phones in less than 100 days. Let us know its complete details..


It seems that the old dayAll 30 Lakhs units of Redmi 12 were sold across indias of the chinese company are coming back again. At one time, phones of many companies had left Redmi behind. Now it seems that the company is making a comeback again. Redmi’s flagship phone Xiaomi 14 has created a stir in the chinese market.

Customers are liking and buying the phones of this series very much. This has improved the valuation of the company has gained momentum very fast.

We are telling you this. This great smartphone of Xiaomi Redmi 12 5g and 4g has been sold quite a lot. people are liking this phone very much.

Sold 30 lakhs units.  Xiaomi has sold 30 lakhs units of Redmi 12 in the indian market in less than 100 days. The company has shared this information on its social media.

All this has happened on such occasions when the demand for 5g smartphones has increased in the country. People want a 5g phone with better specifications at an affordable price.

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